Welcome to my blog. I hope you will find something of interest here.

I’m retired, and live in a small grove surrounded by forest and nature, on beautiful Cape Breton Island.

Fifty years ago, I started reading ancient history, philosophy, theology, mythology, comparative religions, symbols, and all the other highways and byways, gravel roads and forest paths one finds oneself on when embarking on such a journey. Until eventually it led me to The White Trail to Stonehenge.

Although I have many pass times, one of my favourites  is digging around in ancient history. So many ruins, so many questions, so few answers. Hopefully I’ll find a few more answers.

Joan Rankin

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  1. Dear Ms. Rankin,

    I am a modeller who has spent five years building a 1:158 scale model of Stonehenge as it stands now and one how it was originally thought to have stood. This model is now at The Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, Washington; the Museum has a concrete replica of Stonehenge on its site – http://www.maryhillmuseum.org/Visit/Do/Stonehenge/stonehengeDetail.html

    During the models building, I noticed several distinct shapes on the stones, and have sought to find the meanings behind these carvings. I have had no luck and have been ‘challenged’ to find the answers myself.

    One very distinct shape that appears to have been ‘purposefully’ made and is not just the result of ‘stone dressing’ is on the outer southern surface of Stone 053. To me, a layman in such matters, it looks like geometric dividers, but upside down. I was researching ‘triangles’ in Google images, when I came across ‘Following the White Trail to Stonehenge Part V1’. I have now downloaded all your papers in this series and have briefly viewed them, prior to reading in detail at a later date. I must compliment you on the detail of your work.

    I have an initial question concerning Part III p. 7; you write of a figure named “Lugh”. Am I correct in assuming that this figure is similar to a large puppet that is hung from the Trilithons? What date would you give for this taking place? On p.9 you write “The idea for the pulleys came from reading that the lintel of the Great Trilithon had mortise holes on the top of it as well as on the bottom.” Whilst doing research for building the model, I read that this lintel had two sets of mortise holes as the first had been incorrectly made so the lintel was reversed. This particular feature of Stonehenge I have incorporated in my model, so was very interested in your theory.

    Whilst I am retired, I am not an academic or archaeologist, so I would imagine this research is not going to be easy. Currently I am reading “The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age – Richard Rudgley” and am coming to the conclusion that Stonehenge was built by a flourishing and vibrant society, however something mysterious happened to end this; perhaps something like the ‘Dissolution of the Monasteries’ or something worse, as all records seemed to have disappeared together with many stones.

    Should you have any knowledge on carvings during the era that Stonehenge was completed, I would appreciate if you could advise me in my direction of research. I am particularly interested in triangles, two parallel lines and a circle within a circle.

    Thank you for reading this message.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lloyd Matthews

  2. keith says:


    I was concerned about future posts and hoping all is well there and you are enjoying that retirement in that wonderful place you reside in! Mind,Spirit & body !


    • J Rankin says:

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for your concern. The winter has been brutal and have spent a great deal of time shoveling snow and hauling wood. At the moment I am trying to recover from a very nasty spider bite. I am doing research for several projects connected to ancient history and creating a scrapbook for my grand daughter who will be 21 this year……… which all take up more time, but I’ll be back with new posts soon I hope.


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